20 Easy Cookie Recipes

Nothing quite awakens your senses like the sweet, mouth-watering aroma of cookies fresh from the oven. It takes you back to the days of watching your Grandma roll out her delicious sugar cookies and filling the cookie jar. Rediscover the satisfaction of baking homemade cookies with my simple and delicious recipes!

You can tell the difference between a store-bought cookie and one made from scratch. Not only are the homemade cookies tastier, fresher they can be easily altered to your tastes. Would you rather have a morsel of Dark instead of Milk Chocolate in your Chocolate Chuck Cookie – with a homemade cookie you can easily switch up the ingredients. As an added bonus, most of my east cookie recipes only require simple pantry essentials.

Another perk of making homemade cookies is how easy it is to prepare in batches and store them. Keep freshly-baked cookies in sealed containers or resealable plastic bags for instant desserts, snacks or lunch time treats. I often make large (double, sometimes triple) batches of my favourite cookie doughs – and freeze the formed cookies for up to 3 months. It is really simple, mix up the dough, form the cookie and sheet trays, freeze for a few hours, and store the cookies in resealable bags, and bake up a batch whenever a sweet craving strikes. I almost always have a batch of frozen dough in the freezer.

These easy cookie recipes are kid-friendly and give you an excellent opportunity to teach your kids or grand kids about measuring, mixing and other kitchen basics. Try these scrumptious recipes today and have fresh, sweet and ultimately delicious cookies in under 30 minutes.

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