French Lentil & Mushroom Salad Recipe

RecipeSavants is much more than just another collection of recipes.

Behind all the tools and recipes, there is a real human being. This is a labor of love; I am passionate about developing the best recipes and menu planning tools on the internet. I take all responsibility for all recipe development, website development, and customer support. When you reach out, you will be chatting with me.

I focus all my attention on creating the best smart recipes and website features and helping you become the best chef you can be.

RecipeSavants is always growing and improving; recipes are constantly being added and reviewed to ensure they meet my exacting standards. I welcome your feedback, input, and contributions – you the member make RecipeSavants truly exceptional.

I’m always exploring new ways to help you create quick, tasty meals in a flash. Below you will find information about our latest endeavors.

Smart and Easy To Understand Recipes

All of my recipes are easy to follow & understand, contain minimal chef jargon, and are thoroughly tested.

Complete and Globally Inspired Single Menu Plans

These delicious meal plans are ideal for a special occasion meal or a simple weeknight supper. Every meal has a well paired, starter, main dish, and a creative side dish. I also include a complete shopping list, making it even easier to get dinner on the table.

Passport Menu Plans

Another exciting project currently in the works is our passport menu plan service. Four times a month, subscribers will receive a weeks’ worth of fresh, healthy and creative meal ideas along with a complete shopping list, all in an easy to use PDF or online format.

Custom Menus and Shopping Lists

I am currently producing a suite of custom menu planning and shopping list features. Start with your favorite RecipeSavants recipes, and let the website generate a mobile friendly menu plan and a complete shopping list.

Powdered By Chicory - Online Grocery Shopping

All of our recipes are intergrated with

RecipeSavants has just integrated with Chicory to provide online shopping for every recipe. Shop for your ingredients, in under 5 minutes. It couldn’t get any easier.

Order your recipe ingredients directly from a recipe?

All of our recipes are powdered by Chicory a plugin that enables you to place online grocery orders with Peapod or AmazonFresh (among others). If you don’t have an account click here and get signed up in a snap.

Ordering your groceries is a very simple process. Click the “Get Ingredients” button on any recipes and follow the simple steps. Note not all grocers support all zip codes. But, all the grocers are constantly expanding their coverage areas.

Here are a few tips:

  • Make sure you logged into your online grocer before you try to send an order over. It isn’t strictly required, but I have found it makes the process a bit smoother, especially with
  • Make sure to skim the ingredient list, and make sure the matches that the grocer selected are actually appropriate for the recipe. I have done my best to ensure that each recipe is the best it can be, but I cannot control the matching of ingredients in the grocers’ system.
  • I recommend, that you have two windows open, one with the recipe, and another with the online grocer to easily review the matched ingredients, and quickly make any modifications necessary. All the online grocers provide a simple process to add new items to your cart.

I almost always use Peapod (feel free to your favorite grocer) for ordering ingredients when building and testing recipes, so I feel very confident in recommending these online grocers to you. When you use these services to order groceries through RecipeSavants, I receive a small advertising fee. It helps to cover expenses, so I can continue to offer valuable content, recipes, and menus to my readers.

More About Me

My food philosophy is simple; food should be a feast of all five senses. Meals should be based on simple, tasty and smart recipes that are easy to follow. Instead of serving processed junk, I prefer to use fresh & seasonal ingredients. I gravitate towards all cuisines that are BIG on flavor. By cooking at home, we can all eat healthier and save money.

Are you ready to create magic in your kitchen? Let’s do it, join our growing community today!


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I am always cooking up something new. Here are a few of my new favorite recipes. I know you will love them.

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