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Whether you're new to cooking at home or you're a busy parent who needs to get meals on the table quickly, it's important to have all the essential ingredients on hand. Rather than shopping for each recipe individually, we recommend having these common ingredients in your pantry all the time. You can build up a collection in your pantry over time, or use these handy guides as shopping lists to make sure you have everything needed to create delicious meals quickly.

Read through our lists and take note of what you already have in your pantry. Keep in mind that dried spices, canned foods, grains, and most condiments will keep for a long time. For these items, you can buy in bulk and know that you'll use all of them before they expire. For fruits, vegetables, meats, and dairy a weekly or bi-weekly shopping trip will help you keep fresh ingredients handy.

All of the ingredients on these lists are commonly used in our recipes, and having them at home will make it easier to get a meal on the table in no time. We only compiled the most versatile ingredients that are used for several of our recipes. This ensures that you will find multiple uses for each ingredient, rather than buying a specific ingredient to use only once. If you have extras of an ingredient left over, you can use our search feature to find other recipes that use that ingredient before it goes to waste.

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