July is national grill month, enjoy the summer weather and grill up some tasty meats today. Gas grills are an easy to use and efficent way to grill outside year round. Sausage is a great meat to grill, the smokey flavor from the grill only amps up the savory notes of the sausage itself. Chicken legs are a tasty grilled meat treat.  RecipeSavants has several grilled chicken recipes that are sure to make your family very happy.

Backyard barbecues are the epitome of American cuisine and summer past times. Although natives of the Caribbean islands perfected the art of preserving and grilling meats, it spread across the globe and became an American tradition. After World War II, backyard grills became a mainstay for preparing meats and other tasty dishes. Are you a grilling enthusiast? Preparing meat slowly on the grill makes it unfathomably tender, juicy, and full of smoky savor.

When you grill outside, you will not be grueling over a hot stove in a sweltering kitchen. Grills are not just for meats – discover the fantastic flavors and aromas when you grill veggies, fruit, and other ingredients. Once you have tasted a home-grilled pizza, you may never make one in your oven again! As you fire up your barbecue consider these helpful hints that will work for charcoal, electric, or gas grills.

Preheat your Grill

The best way to clean and prep your grill for cooking is while it is hot. Preheat your grill for at least 20 minutes, to kill any bacteria. For a high setting, the temperature should be between 400-450 degrees, and medium should be between 300-350 degrees. If you are cooking or smoking food on low heat, your grill should be between 250-300 degrees. When the grill is hot, scrape the racks carefully with a wire brush to remove any residue. Create a stick-resistant surface on your grill racks by applying cooking oil to a clean cloth and rubbing it on the racks with heat-proof tongs. Never use cooking spray on a hot grill because it can cause a serious flare up.

Impart Some Serious Smoke Flavor

While food cooked over charcoal gets a natural smoky essence, you can get the same results with your electric or gas grill. Soak your choice of woodchips in water for up to four hours, then put them in a pocket of aluminum foil. Poke a few holes in the pocket and place it on the opposite side of the heat source in your grill. The smoke from the woodchip pocket will permeate the food and will infuse a marvelous smoky taste.

Make Sure To Marinade & Rub For More Flavor

For optimal tenderness and flavor, use herbs, spices, and oils to prepare tasty dry rubs and marinades for your meats. Some recipes also include flavorful sauces for basting during the grilling process.

Saftey First

Always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for you grill and follow safe food handling practices. Use separate platters and utensils for raw and cooked meats, and always keep meat refrigerated until cooking time. Never baste your food with its marinade; instead, make some extra marinade to keep for that purpose. Finally, use a calibrated meat thermometer to ensure that all meats are cooked to safe temperatures.

Are you hosting a backyard barbecue soon? Try some of these awesome grilling recipes.

Thai-inspired Pork Kabbobs

What do you get when you combine sweet and aromatic Thai-inspired flavors with tender chunks of pork belly? You get some of the best pork kabobs ever! The juices and spices caramelize result in irresistible little crunchy edges. Cook these kabobs over low heat for a tender, juicy bite each time.

Salmon Confetti Skewers

Salmon is an ideal fish to grill because it is firm enough to withstand the flame, yet delicate enough to absorb maximum flavor. This colorful recipe includes moist salmon chunks and a medley of bell peppers and sweet red onion. The smoky fish pairs well with the sweet crunch of the veggies.

Grilled Panzanella Salad

Here is a delightful Italian recipe that will help you use up any leftover crusty bread you may have from another meal. Grill chopped onions, peppers, and bread cubes until lightly charred. Then, mix it with chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, and spices, and drizzle with this tasty Red Wine & Herb Vinaigrette.

Easy Banana Smores

The only thing that could make s’mores any yummier would be bananas! This whimsical recipe includes crunchy graham crackers, toasted marshmallows, and luscious melted chocolate, and banana pieces. Stuff the mixture in a whole banana peel, wrap it in foil, and grill for about 10 minutes. This delicious recipe will "appeal" to kids and adults alike!

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