Catfish is a very versatile protein, it is excellent fried or in a spicy stew. This pan fried and lightly breaded catfish is succlent and crispy.  Try this recipe today. Catfish is an excellent source of protein anytime of the day.  Try this Catfish & Grits dish for breakfast.

When it comes to finding the best fish, many of us look to the ocean. However, you can find some great fish in fresh bodies of water. One famous example would be the catfish. These are plentiful and can be baked, fried, or added to a myriad of recipes. In fact, it is so iconic in the states that August is seen as National Catfish Month.

Due to its abundance, it is one of the cheapest and flavorful fish on the market. Although many people prefer to catch their own, claiming that it is tastier that way, most catfish is actually farmed. So, any time you get a tender and flaky catfish at the store or restaurant, chances are, it has been farmed. .

Channel catfish tend to be far flakier and tender, yet there are other varieties as well. For instance, Blue Cats have a much fuller, fattier flavor, and even flatheads are meaty. Regardless of which one you prefer, smaller, younger catfish tend to be more tender and have a milder taste. .

Catfish, unlike many other kinds of freshwater fish, are not as bony. Due to this, you can easily butcher and fillet them, creating beautiful white fillets. .

Since they are thick and flaky, they also work well breaded and fried. In fact, many people prefer a succulent and delicious deep-fried catfish on their plate. The fillets can be used with or without breading, and they can still be mouthwatering and irresistible if prepared correctly. .

Perhaps try it with a liberal coating and tons of savory spices. For instance, mild herbs like thyme, dill, and lemon pepper work great to bring out all of the tasty and complex flavors of the fish. Cajun dishes often use blackening herbs to make their iconic catfish cuisine pop! .

The flavors of catfish go far beyond the American borders as well. European countries, for instance, like to spice theirs up and bake them the same way they do to their native carps. A spicy catfish soup or an Indian-style curried catfish are two options that can warm you up on a chilly day and provide you with a mountain of flavors. This tender fish pairs well with a multitude of flavorful and aromatic international recipes. For instance, do you like Mexican-style foods? Then perhaps try a plate of spiced Catfish Tacos. You will be grateful that you did. .

Any spices that you add onto Tilapia or Orange Roughie will be excellent for this juicy fish. Trying an excellent seafood salad works out too, with many people claiming that the taste and texture of the catfish rival that of crab or lobster. .

So, with National Catfish Month on the horizon, perhaps try to celebrate with some irresistible and flaky catfish. Consider many of these awesome recipes, which can work well, even for the person who dislikes the taste of fish. Whether you get them from the store or catch them yourself, you will enjoy each and every minute of these savory recipes. .

Cajun Style Catfish

Who says the flavor profile of fish is limited? Give your catfish some Cajun flare. If you like a little heat, then you will love this recipe. The cayenne, paprika, and garlic give it an enticing flavor that makes you want more!

Thai Catfish Soup

Give your catfish fillets an international makeover with this delicious Thai-inspired catfish soup. The base is an easy recipe for dashi, a rich fish stock. When blended with aromatic herbs and coconut milk, it creates a heavenly broth for tender chunks of catfish. Enjoy this soup as an appetizer or for a light meal.

Cajun Style Catfish

Remember the pure bliss when you bit into one of grandma’s old-fashioned salmon patties? You can recreate and enhance that experience for your family. The flavors of catfish awaken when paired with spices like Old Bay Seasoning and some mustard. These catfish cakes are a sizzling work of art and a flavor explosion that you will not forget.

Catfish Etoufee

You may think that this traditional Cajun stew is limited to crayfish, but adding catfish instead gives it a whole new flavor profile. The zesty flavor of the sauce pairs perfectly with the mild taste of the fish. Up the spicy notes with cayenne pepper and Old Bay Seasoning.

Barbecued Catfish & Tasty Tartar Sauce

You may think that this traditional Cajun stew is limited to crayfish, but adding catfish instead gives it a whole new flavor profile. The zesty flavor of the sauce pairs perfectly with the mild taste of the fish. Up the spicy notes with cayenne pepper and Old Bay Seasoning.

Tuscany Style Catfish

Luscious broiled fish fillets slathered in a Mediterranean-inspired combination of cheese and sun-dried tomatoes take you on a journey without leaving your kitchen. The best part is that it takes so little time to prepare. You will not believe this dish is low in calories and high in protein, which makes it a healthy delight.

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