Granola Trail Mix

60 minutes Serves 4 Ingredients: 3 Cups Old-Fashioned Rolled Oats 0.5 Teaspoon Ground Cinnamon 0.75 Cup Whole Unsalted Almonds 0.5 Cup Whole Salted Cashews 0.25 Cup Coconut Oil 0.5 Cup Pure Maple Syrup 0.25 Cup Almond Butter 1 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract 1 Egg White 0.5 Cup Semi-Sweet Choclate Chips 1 Cup Dried Raisins Or Cranberries

Sometimes it is difficult to decide between Granola Bars and Granola Trail Mix. However, Trail Mix is great to snack on when the actual snacking process is needed as a diversion. This Trail Mix boasts not only almonds but also cashews, and rest assured it is interspersed with dried fruit, and yes, just a bit of chocolate.

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