Pesto Mac-N-Cheese

25 minutes Serves 8 Ingredients: 6 Cups Shell Pasta 2 Tablespoons Butter 3 Tablespoons Flour 2 Cups Milk 4 Ounces Smoked Gouda 0.5 Cup Prepared Pesto 4 Ounces Smoked Fontina 0.33 Cup Sun Dried Tomatoes 0.75 Cup Sweet Corn 0 To Taste Salt & Black Pepper

This unconventional variation of mac-n-cheese is made with shell pasta and a number of other non-traditional ingredients. This recipe contains nutritious ingredients such as corn and tomatoes that perfectly blend with the distinct flavors of Gouda and Fontina cheeses. This combination is a delicious way to add vegetables to recipes for kids who tend to be picky vegetable eaters.




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