Herbed Chicken Liver Pate

60 minutes Serves 6 Ingredients: 0.5 Teaspoon Dijon Mustard 2 Pounds Chicken Livers 1 Teaspoon Thyme 1 Pinch Rosemary 0 To Taste Salt 1 Clove Garlic 1 Cup Chicken Broth 2 Stalks Celery 0.5 Pound Bacon 0.25 Teaspoon Sage 0.5 Pound Sweet Cream Butter 1 Small Bay Leaf 0.25 Bell Pepper 0 To Taste Freshly Crushed Peppercorns 1 Large White Or Yellow Onion 0 Dry White Wine

Love paté but not its price? This chicken liver-based version is simple to make and packs zero preservatives, added fat, or artificial flavor. Sweet cream butter, bacon and Dijon mustard add a prism of flavors that is sure to delight those who eat this awesome dish. Paté is traditionally served on its own or spread ona freshly toasted baguette.




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