This is one of the most scrumptious Russian dumpling, called Pelmini, are stuffed with a mouthwatering blend of beef and pork. Although these are best with minced beef and pork together, you can use any ground meat available. You will also learn the art of making dumpling dough at home using a few simple pantry staples in this recipe. Smart Recipes, European Recipes, Beef,Pork Recipes, Recipes Beef,Pork European Pelmeni Pelmeni Recipe | PT25M Serves 6 Ingredients: 0.5 Pound Ground Beef 1 Teaspoon Salt 0.5 Pound Ground Pork 2 Medium Onions 3 Cloves Garlic 0.25 Teaspoon Salt & Freshly Ground Black Pepper 3 Bay Leaves 0.125 Peppercorns 2 Tablespoons Butter 0.25 Cup Sour Cream 2 Tablespoons Chopped Parsley 3 Cups All-Purpose Flour 2 Tablespoons Cooking Oil For the dough: In a bowl, add flour, a pinch of salt, cooking oil and 1 cup of cold water and mix until well combined. With your hands, knead the dough until a smooth dough ball is formed. Cover the dough and keep aside until use. Meanwhile, for filling: combine ground meat, onion, garlic, salt and black pepper and mix until well combined. Divide the dough into 4 equal portions. Place dough portions onto a lightly floured smooth surface and roll each into 1/8-inch thickness. With a small glass, cut the dough into circles. Place about 1/2 teaspoon of filling onto each dough circle. Fold the edges together and press tightly to seal the filling. Arrange pelmeni onto a well-floured cutting board in a single layer. In a large pan of salted boiling water, place pelmeni with bay leaves and peppercorns and let them float to the top. Cook for about five minutes. With a slotted spoon, transfer pelmeni to a bowl. Add butter and gently, stir to combine. Coat pelmeni with butter. Serve with a topping of sour cream and parsley.

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