Millions of Americans have a Scottish heritage, and proudly display their traditional clan tartans in their home. The people of Scotland took a stand against British rule and tyranny on April 6, 1320, when they presented a declaration of Scottish independence to the Vatican.

Over four hundred years later, this document would serve as a template for the United States Declaration of Independence. Every 6th of April, we celebrate National Tartan Day and commemorate the island nation’s freedom and the cultural contributions of Scottish Americans.

Scottish cuisine is a delightful mixture of British and European-inspired dishes that they have made their own. Scotch whiskey is a legendary brew that has devotees from all over the globe. Although there are other types of regional whiskeys, Scotch reigns as the king of liquor. Whiskey is not the only national drink of Scotland. Natives also favor a fruit-flavored soft drink they call Irn-Bru.

The landscape of Scotland has made it ideal for sheep herding, and many of their favorite dishes have lamb or mutton. Scottish cooks also incorporate lots of dairy and whole grains into their recipes. The simple goodness of Scottish dishes demonstrates their talent for creating delicious food with regional ingredients. The regional cuisine from the eastern coast of Scotland includes fresh seafood dishes, such as the smoked haddock specialty called Arbroath Smokie. The Scottish have also been credited with creating scones and buttery shortbread, perfect for a Scottish tea.

If you have Scottish-American ancestry, or are just fascinated with their culture, share it over a home-cooked meal of Scottish favorites. Their national dish is haggis, which is a meatloaf made with minced sheep organs, oatmeal, suet, and spices. Scotland is also famous for its curry dishes in case you do not want to attempt haggis. Have fun in the kitchen while you try some of these scrumptious Scottish recipes.

Scottish Chicken Curry

Scottish curry dishes are second only to haggis in the kitchens of Scotland. Unlike traditional Indian curries, Scottish curries thicken their sauce with powdered mushrooms, flour, and bacon drippings. Most recipes include the usual curry powder, turmeric, and a little cayenne pepper. The Scottish often utilize rabbit for their curries, but chicken is easier to find and is just as tasty. Serve your curry with rice and some savory chutney.

Rumbled Thumps

Leave it to the frugal Scottish to create a delicious dish from any leftover potatoes and veggies they have on hand! Mix them together, layer with cheese, and you have a yummy rumblede thumbs. The whimsical name of this casserole-style dish is evidence of how much fun Scottish cooks have inventing new recipes. This simple dish includes mashed potatoes, turnips, kale, and a little cheddar cheese.

Traditional Scottish Cullen Skink

This humble smoked fish stew originated in the small Scottish town of Cullen and is a national favorite. The secret to the thick broth in this recipe is mashed potatoes; however, many Cullen stew recipes use diced potatoes instead. It features delicately smoked haddock, onions, milk, and seasoning, and can be an appetizer or main course.

Scottish Arran Potato Salad

Most global cuisines have their own version of potato salad. Like Germans, Scottish like to dress and serve their potato salad while the mixture is still warm. Although many cooks in Scotland favor their native Arran Chief potatoes, you can use waxy new potatoes with the same delicious results. This recipe also calls for diced beets, onions, peas, and a few spices. Dress it with salad cream or tangy dressing.

Traditional Scottish Cranachan

Do you want to serve a lovely Scottish dessert that is quick and easy to make? Try this recipe for traditional Scottish Cranachan. It is an exquisitely layered dish of oatmeal, honey, whipped cream, juicy raspberries, and an optional splash of malted whiskey. Layer your Cranachan in a trifle bowl or serve it in individual dessert glasses. Sprinkle a little oatmeal and whole raspberries on top for garnish.

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