Tips & Tricks for a Perfect Memorial Day BBQ

Memorial Day is often the first big barbeque of the season! Read this post for tips on preparing for a stress-free, upscale barbeque. Included are homemade barbeque sauce recipes along with great grilling recipes, fresh salad recipes and a dessert that will have your guests asking for more!

3 Ingredient Pasta Recipe

Memorial Day barbeques are the gateway to summer! We know that you want to celebrate without the stress that can accompany being the host, so we have some excellent tips and tricks for hosting the perfect upscale barbeque. We have also included ten mouth-watering recipes so you can start planning right now!

Fantastic Food!

If you plan on preparing all of the food yourself, then make the sauces and salads the day before. They all taste better once those flavors have had time to marry, and you will already have half of the food ready to go. Trim your meat and begin marinating it the night before. If you would like to try out recipes from your friends and family, then consider having a potluck. You will have less preparation of your own, and it will cut down on overall expense. If you are asking guests to bring a dish to share, then it is best if you provide drinks. On the contrary, you can ask them to bring their own drinks if you are providing all of the food.

No Guest Left Behind!

When deciding on your menu, take into consideration the dietary needs of your guests. It is a good idea to have several vegetarian or vegan dishes available. Below you can find a great corn and black bean salad recipe as well as an awesome portabella mushroom recipe to help you get started.


Having enough drinks is paramount to a successful barbeque. Be sure to have bottled water on hand so that there is something that everyone can drink. If children are invited, consider having juice boxes. They are less likely to spill and easy to clean up. An easy way to determine how much alcohol and soda to buy is to have one can or bottle per person, per hour. If you are serving cocktails, make them up by the pitcher for easier serving. One pitcher should serve eight guests. Have at least one cooler full of ice that is only used in drinks.

Set the Scene

You may wish to do a little bit of decorating for your barbeque, but keep it simple. You can get an upscale look from some nice lanterns along with some fresh flowers. Most local grocery stores sell inexpensive flowers by the bunch. Grab a few bunches to set out on tables.

Quick Clean-Up

The best way to make clean-up a breeze is to have multiple areas set up to dispose of trash. Be sure to have recycling bins, labeled with what can go in each. You can purchase recyclable napkins, utensils, plates and cups. Serving the food buffet-style helps make clean-up easier because everything is in one area. If you do not want to keep all of the leftovers, have to-go containers or plastic wrap and extra plates available. Let you guests know they can help themselves and watch it disappear!

Relax and Enjoy

You have put in all of the preparation, and now it is time to enjoy your company. A great way to keep yourself available to greet your guests is to ask a friend or family member to assist at the grill. Grilling should begin about a half hour after guests arrive so the food does not get cold while they mingle. Once the food is done, all you need to do is have a great time!

3 Ingredient Pasta Recipe

Here is my perfect memorial day menu and a few great recipes for festive party

Homemade BBQ Sauce #1 Berry BBQ Sauce
This barbeque sauce is a sweet and savory homerun! Strawberries bring the sweetness, chili sauce brings the heat and apple cider vinegar brings just the right amount of tartness to this fantastic recipe.

Homemade BBQ Sauce #2 Classic White BBQ Sauce
Are you looking for the perfect barbeque sauce for smoked meats? This unique sauce has a mayonnaise base with just the right amount of horseradish to give it a kick! Garlic, mustard and sugar this awesome sauce

Homemade BBQ Sauce #3 Chipotle Mayo BBQ Sauce
This amazing barbeque sauce combines classic chipotle flavor with chili powder, maple syrup and brown sugar. That’s just the beginning! Add in some pineapple, onion and garlic and you have a crowd pleaser for sure.

Grilled Corn & Black Bean Salad with Cilantro Lime Vinaigrette
This salad is perfect as a stand-alone dish or served with tortilla or pita chips. It can also be added to tacos for a fresh take on an old favorite. Roasted corn, fresh vegetables and a scrumptious dressing will round out this barbeque favorite.

Texas Caviar Pasta Salad
Are you ready to elevate your barbeque menu? This caviar pasta salad will show just how serious you are about great food! Filled with fresh vegetables, black-eyed peas and black beans, this dish is sure to please any crowd.

Creamy Bacon Potato Salad
Potato salads and barbeques have always been a match made in heaven, but this version kicks it up a notch with bacon. Everyone loves bacon!

Grilled Marinated Flank Steak
Grilled steak is an all-time barbeque favorite, and this recipe takes flavor to the next level. The perfect blend of garlic, soy sauce, ginger and honey make this one of the best barbeque recipes you will ever have!

Grilled Bourbon Chicken
It is amazing what a few extra ingredients can do to make your barbeque chicken overflow with flavor. Soy sauce, bourbon, brown sugar, molasses and garlic are the stars in this recipe. It is finger-licking good!

Portabella Mushrooms ala Grill
Are you looking for a great vegetarian option as a main course? This grilled portabella mushroom is enhanced with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and a variety of spices. It will add the perfect zest to your perfect barbeque!

Red, White & Blue Trifle
There is no better way to round out the perfect Memorial Day barbeque than to have this fabulous fruit-filled trifle for dessert! Pound cake, brushed with almond liqueur, along with strawberries, blueberries and homemade whipped cream will have your guests asking for more!

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