Tackling The Refrigerator

Think of your fridge as a “filing cabinet” for all your chilled ingredients. If you open the door to chaos, you will waste valuable time digging through bins to find things. You also will not know what you have, and what ingredients you need to purchase. Get your refrigerator organized with these simple steps.

  • Take everything out of the fridge and freezer, and put them on your kitchen table. Pitch anything outdated or unidentifiable. Wash all the shelves and bins with a mild dish soap, and put them back in the fridge.
  • Are there things in your fridge that do not belong? Many condiments do not require refrigeration--like mustard, ketchup, and hot sauce. Keep them on a shelf or the table. Reserve the fridge door shelves for chilled things that are often used, such as butter, beverages, and juices.
  • Organize your refrigerator food according to how often you use them. Toward the front, arrange dairy products, eggs, and leftovers that need to be used quickly. Keep the crisper bin for fresh produce. Store your meats, cold cuts, and seafood in the back of the bottom shelf, where the temperature is the coldest. Purchase bins for smaller items. They are ideal for cheese, little veggies, and other snacks. Rotate your food so that everything is used before its expiration date.
  • Let your fridge organize your spices for you! Try the chic metal tins available online or at most kitchen supply stores. You can label them with permanent marker, and see the contents through the clear plastic lid. The best thing? They are magnetic and will stick to the side of your fridge! Organizing spices has never been easier!
  • Ensure that everything in your freezer is adequately wrapped or contained, labeled, and dated. If you freeze things flat, you will have more room to stack them. Rotate freezer items by date, too.

Organize Your Cooking Tools

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to prepare a meal, and searching for equipment you need. Save time and aggravation by arranging kitchen tools by task. Here are some helpful ways to do it.

  • One of the home cook’s best friend is a hanging rack for pots and pans. They are not that expensive or difficult to hang. Instead of digging through cabinets and drawers for the pan you need, they will be within arms’ reach. Ideally, you should hang your pot rack close to the stove.
  • Have you considered what a waste of space the inside of your cabinet doors is? Cut sheets of inexpensive pegboard and mount it on these areas. You can hang kitchen utensils from pegs, instead of shoving them in drawers. Replace your knife block with a magnetic strip on the wall. With all your utensils at your fingertips, you can prepare a delicious meal in no time!
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