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If you were raised as a meat-eater, you might think that meatless vegan dishes could never compare to what you are used to eating. When you try some smart recipes for vegan meals, you may find that they are so flavorful, that you will not even miss the meat. These recipes incorporate chunky vegetables, hardy grains, and legumes, as well as aromatic spices. Vegan dishes are perfect for fast weeknight meals.

Are you trying to plan inexpensive meals for a large family with a vegan twist? Middle Eastern cuisine has a global following. Many cultures in this region embrace vegetarianism as part of their religious beliefs. They found creative ways of preparing meatless dishes, without sacrificing any flavor. Since vegetarian meals are so easy to change into vegan dishes, vegans find a lot of inspiration from Middle Eastern menus.

A Vegan Greek Feast

Those who relish Greek food know that lamb is often the main meat for their dishes, such as a succulent lamb roast (kleftiko). When you are preparing vegan meals, you can still enjoy many of your favorite meat dishes—with vegan style “meat.” Try this vegan kleftiko, made with wheat gluten. Add a lovely Greek salad and some seasonal fruit, and you have one of the best inexpensive meals for a large family.

Is it Kosher ?

Many Jewish families observe kosher dietary laws. If you keep kosher, then finding smart recipes is easy, because all vegan fare falls in the guidelines. The Jewish New Year (Rosh Ha’Shana) is coming up in September, and you can celebrate in vegan style.

Your family will love this gorgeous Moroccan Tofu with Apricots, Almonds, and Olives. The tofu has a tasty meat-like texture that can fool many meat eaters. Although traditional challah bread calls for eggs, you can still make a warm, flavorful loaf with this vegan challah recipe.

Is it fast, will it take a long time to cook ?

Fast weeknight meals can be savory and satisfying without meat. Indian cooks have prepared vegan feasts for millennia. Is your family a fan of curried dishes? They will be surprised when you announce that this fantastic chickpea curry is entirely vegan and gluten-free. Many traditional side dishes and salads in Indian cuisine are also vegan, as well as this garlic flatbread recipe.

Have fun finding delicious vegan recipes that your family will enjoy. Even if they do not want to go completely vegan, you might try doing vegan meals once or twice a week. Most vegan meals have fewer calories and less fat than meat-centered dishes. Plus, it will introduce you to new spice combinations and other excellent sources of protein. Going vegan is anything but boring!

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