Are you looking for easy ways to get dinner on the table in under 45 minutes?

I’m launching a new online cooking school and meal planning service that teaches you how to plan, prep, and cook delicious meals in under 45 minutes.

Take the Cook Like A Boss Course and see how easy it is to get dinner on the table even after a busy day. You'll be excited to make dinner again!

What will you learn?

  • How To Clean Your Kitchen
  • How To Prepare & Stock Your Pantry
  • How To Plan Your Meals For The Week For Maximum Convenience
  • How To Plan & Shop For Your Weekly Meal Plan
  • How To Prep Your Fruits & Veggies For Quick Meals
  • How To Cook Smarter – To Take Advantage Of The Meanwhile

What will you gain?

  • Weekly meal plans (and grocery lists) that feature my Cooking Like A Boss techniques
  • Learn how to put dinner on the table with less muss and fuss.
  • Learn how to cook a meal in the time it takes to order takeout.
  • Gain confidence in the kitchen.
  • Become a better cook.
  • Find joy in cooking for yourself and the people you love.

Become a FOUNDING MEMBER of Chef Robert’s COOK LIKE A BOSS and enjoy membership for a LIFETIME for just $244.44.

Is everything set in stone, NO WAY, this is a time for us to work together to craft a membership that helps grow you as a cook and as a person!

Why only $244.44?

Because the number “4” in Hebrew means “enough.” And let's admit enough is enough, it is time to stop ordering take out and cook a fresh and easy meal.

Become a founding member today!

When you cook for yourself and the people you love — fresh delicious meals that nourish and strengthen the body — you also feed the soul. And when you break bread with the people you love, you bring joy this world.

Let’s get cooking. Let’s feed our bodies. Let’s feed our souls.