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Take your taste buds on a global journey without having to leave the country, while breaking out of your typical dinner rut. Our RecipeSavants Passport Menu Plans are easy to cook and highlight a variety easy and accessible international recipes highlighting a world of global flavors, featuring fresh and seasonal produce and meats. Our chef-designed menu plans are emailed directly to you every Thursday. You can download and print our complete and shopping list. Alternatively, you can stay digital and use our new mobile-friendly formats.

Are you stressed out by the process of planning and cooking your meals?

Hey there, my name is Chef Robert, I am also known as the CHEFBear.

My food philosophy is simple; food should be a feast of all five sense. Meals should be based on simple, tasty and smart recipes. Instead of serving overly processed food, I prefer to use fresh and seasonal ingredients. I naturally gravitate towards
to BIG flavors.

I love to help busy people find joy and comfort in their own kitchens. I am here to help you learn how to plan, prep and cook your favorite dishes in less time than you ever thought possible, with no stress or worries that you will mess something up.

I am here to support you every step of the way, trust me it isn’t as difficult as you might think it is, with just a bit of planning, a small amount of prep work and a positive attitude you can become the master of your own mealtime, without having to revert back to frozen dinners or bland take out.

Take the first step with me today and download your FREE copy of my Stress Free Cooking. Come on and join me in the kitchen.

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