If you are serving spicy dishes for your Mexican-style feast, a cold, soothing drink is a welcomed treat. This traditional horchata recipe is a refreshing mixture of rice, chopped almonds, milk, sugar, and spices. Puree it with ice in a blender, add water, and serve. Smart Recipes, Mexican Recipes, Dairy,Grains Recipes, Recipes Dairy,Grains Mexican Homemade Horchata Homemade Horchata Recipe | RecipeSavants.com PT15M Serves 6 Ingredients: 4.25 Cups Water 1 Cup White Rice 0.5 Cup Almonds 1 Cinnamon Stick 12 Ounces Evaporated Milk 1.5 Cups Whole Milk 0.66 Cup Granulated Sugar 1 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract In a bowl of water, soak the rice, almonds and cinnamon stick at for least for 5 hours or up to overnight. Drain the mixture, reserving the soaking water. In a blender, add rice mixture and evaporated milk and pulse until a smooth mixture is formed. Combine the rice & evaporated milk mixture, reserved soaking water, milk, sugar, vanilla extract and water into a pitcher and mix well. Serve over ice.

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