This incredibly tasty version of corn on the cob is a great solution for a vegetable component to your quick dinner ideas. Minimal prep time and only 10 minutes on the grill creates a smoky and charred background that enhances the flavors of the unique mixture of spices. A yogurt coating provides a cool contrast to the spicy chili powder mixture for an unforgettable taste sensation. Smart Recipes, Vegetarian Recipes, Vegetables Recipes, Recipes Vegetables Vegetarian Mexican Corn On The Cob Mexican Corn On The Cob Recipe | PT25M Serves 4 Ingredients: 4 Medium Ears Of Fresh Sweet Corn 2 Tablespoons Sour Cream 2 Tablespoons Greek Yogurt 0.75 Cup Parmesan Cheese 1 Teaspoon Fiesta Lime Mrs. Dash 1 Teaspoon Chili Powder 1 Medium Lime 0.25 Cup Fresh Cilantro Combine sour cream and yogurt in a small bowl then set aside. Combine Mrs. Dash, chili powder, salt and pepper in another small bowl. Lightly spray or brush the corn ears with olive oil. Grill ears until corn is brown in places and cooked completely, for about 10 minutes. Turn the ears often to keep them from burning. Once grilled, move onto a plate. Brush with yogurt mixture and sprinkle with spice mixture. Top with cheese and cilantro, squeeze lime and serve.

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