This quick and easy pasta sauce is one of our easiest dinner ideas yet. Just mix cream cheese, butter, and Parmesan cheese with Italian seasoning and milk. Then heat the mixture in the microwave before adding to cooked pasta. Top with bacon and more Parmesan cheese for a tasty dish the whole family will love. Smart Recipes, American Recipes, Grains Recipes, Recipes Grains American Microwave Bow Tie Pasta With Bacon Microwave Bow Tie Pasta With Bacon Recipe | PT20M Serves 4 Ingredients: 0.5 Pound Bacon 1.5 Teaspoons Italian Seasoning 0.25 cup Butter 0.66 cup Milk 0.5 cup Parmesan Cheese In a microwave safe bowl of medium size, cream together butter and cheese with Italian seasoning using an electric beater. Add in milk gradually and beat well until smooth. Microwave the mixture over HIGH for 3 minutes or until heated through, whisk every 30 seconds. Toss prepared cream cheese over drained pasta, top with parmesan and bacon and serve immediately.

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