This absolutely awesome salad can be breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Greek yogurt and mayo mix a hodgepodge of eggs, celery, carrots, and and pickled onions. Tart meets creamy. A savory dish for everyone. Smart Recipes, Vegetarian Recipes, Dairy,Eggs,Vegetables Recipes, Recipes Dairy,Eggs,Vegetables Vegetarian Vegetable And Egg Salad Vegetable And Egg Salad Recipe | PT15M Serves 3 Ingredients: 1 Cup Carrot 1 Cup Celery 2 Eggs 0.5 Cup Feta Cheese 1 Cup Pickled Onions 1 Gherkin 1 Fluid Ounce Mayonaisse 1 Cup Greek Yoghurt Combine mayo and yogurt in a small bowl and then toss vegetables with mayo/yogurt dressing. Serve chilled.

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