Capers are combined with cured black olives and fresh parsley to create a lightened pasta dish which tastes richer than it actually is. While the rest of dinner is in the oven, stir up this vegetable-rich pasta for a side in minutes. Smart Recipes, European Recipes, Grains Recipes, Recipes Grains European Pasta With Olives, Capers, And Parsley Pasta With Olives, Capers, And Parsley Recipe | PT25M Serves 4 Ingredients: 6 Tablespoons Extra Virgin Olive Oil 5 Cloves Garlic 0.5 Cup Fresh Parsley 20 Oil Cured Black Olives 2 Tablespoons Capers 0.25 Cup Ricotta Salata Cheese 1 Pound Spaghetti In a large pan, heat olive oil over medium heat and sauté garlic for about 3-4 minutes. Reduce heat to low. Add capers and olives and sauté for about 3 minutes. Add parsley and sauté for about 1-2 minutes. Meanwhile, in a pan of lightly salted boiling water, cook pasta till al dente. Drain pasta well. Add pasta into olive mixture and gently, toss to coat. Keep aside for about 30 seconds before serving. Sprinkle with cheese and serve.

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