Just the title of these dessert bars sounds decadent. The caster sugar and applesauce complement each other in a marriage of texture and flavor to produce a balance of sweet and sour. Smart Recipes, American Recipes, Eggs Recipes, Recipes Eggs American Sugary Lemon Bars Sugary Lemon Bars Recipe | RecipeSavants.com PT1H5M Serves 10 Ingredients: 4 Tablespoons Reduced Fat Butter 0.25 Cup Powdered Sugar 2 Tablespoons Unsweetened Applesauce 1 Cup All-Purpose Flour 1 Tablespoon Lemon Zest 2 Tablespoons Coenstarch 3 Large Eggs 0.33 Cup Lemon Juice 1 Cup Caster Sugar 2 Tablespoons Plain Flour 1 Tablespoon Confectioners Sugar Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Line a 8 x 8 inch baking pan with parchment paper and set aside. Combine butter, powdered sugar, all-purpose flour, applesauce and cornstarch in a bowl and whisk using a fork until sand-like consistency forms. Place into the prepared pan, spread evenly and bake for 20 minutes. Meanwhile, combine eggs, caster sugar, lemon juice and plain flour in a bowl. Once crust is baked, top the crust with filling and put back into the oven. Bake for about 20 to 25 minutes more. Let cool at room temperature for about 1 hour and then refrigerate to cool completely for about 2 hours. Top with icing sugar and slice into 20 squares.

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