Cream cheese makes this pistachio ice cream even creamier than a traditional recipe. The toasted pistachios are sure to stand out but not overpower the sweetness of the ice cream. This recipe takes a bit of work, but trust me it is worth it. Smart Recipes, American Recipes, Dairy Recipes, Recipes Dairy American Pistachio Ice Cream Pistachio Ice Cream Recipe | PT1H30M Serves 4 Ingredients: 2 Cups Whole Milk 1.25 Tablespoons Cornstarch 0.25 Cup Cream Cheese 1.25 Cups Heavy Cream 0.66 Cup Granulated Sugar 1.5 Tablespoons Light Corn Syrup 0.5 Cup Toasted Pistachios 0.25 Teaspoon Pure Almond Extract 0.25 Teaspoon Salt In a large bowl, prepare an ice bath, with at least 2 cups of ice and 4 cups of water and set aside. Meanwhile, pulse the pistachios in a food processor until finely ground (or a bit chunkier if you like a chunk of nut in your ice cream). In a small bowl, stir together 2 tablespoons of the milk and cornstarch and set aside. In another large bowl, whisk the softened cream cheese until very smooth. In a saucepan, combine remaining milk with the heavy cream, granulated sugar and corn syrup. Bring to boil over medium heat for about 5 minutes. Lower the heat to low, and stir in the cornstarch mixture and continue to simmer for 1-2 minutes until the mixture thickens slightly. Combine the milk mixture with the whipped cream cheese and whisk until smooth and creamy. Gently stir in the ground pistachios, almond extract and salt until fully incorporated. Transfer the custard to the prepared ice bath, and allow to chill for at least 30 minutes, stirring at least 3-4 times. Transfer the custard into a prepared ice cream maker, and process according to the manufactures instructions. Transfer the soft ice cream into a freezer safe container and freeze for at least 4 hours or until firm.

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