Food historians believe that tuna salad has been an American sandwich staple since the early 20th century. In this version, diced boiled egg and dill adds depth of flavour; red onion and celery gives a pleasant crunch. This is a simple lunch idea that is sure to become a favourite in your household. Smart Recipes, American Recipes, Fish,Eggs Recipes, Recipes Fish,Eggs American Tuna Surprise Sandwich Tuna Surprise Sandwich Recipe | PT15M Serves 4 Ingredients: 4 Hard-Boiled Eggs 12 Ounces Solid Albacore Tuna Packed In Water 3 Tablespoons Mayonnaise 2 Tablespoons Dijon Mustard 0.125 Teaspoon Salt & Ground Black Pepper 0.25 Cup Celery Hearts 0.25 Cup Red Onion 0.25 Teaspoon Fresh Dill 0.25 Cup Green Onions 8 Slices Of Potato Bread In a bowl combine eggs and remaining ingredients, except for the potato bread, and mix. To assemble sandwiches, top a bread slice with tuna & egg mixture and cover with remaining bread slice.

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