Forget about store-bought Polish sausages and try this simple recipe. It is a savoury blend of pork, veal, and beef that is seasoned with several flavorful spices. Once you prepare these tasty sausages, they are ready for the grill or to use as an ingredient for creative Polish- inspired dishes. Smart Recipes, Eastern European Recipes, Beef,Pork Recipes, Recipes Beef,Pork Eastern European Polish Kielbasa Polish Kielbasa Recipe | PT5H15M Serves 10 Ingredients: 0.5 Pound Pork Fat 3 Pounds Pork Shoulder 0.5 Pound Veal Shoulder 1 Pound Lean Beef Chuck 3 Cloves Garlic 2 Tablespoons Salt & Freshly Ground Black Pepper 2 Teaspoons Ground Summer Savory 2 Tablespoons Sweet Paprika 0.5 Teaspoon Ground Allspice 2 Teaspoons Ground Marjoram 9 Ounces Hog Casings 4 Tablespoons Ice Cold Water Place the pork fat and meats into a meat grinder and grind well. Transfer the meat mixture to the container of a food processor. Add garlic, spices, and the cold water. Process mixture until combined well. Place mixture into refrigerator until needed. Meanwhile, soak casing in warm water for about 30 minutes. Use sausage stuffer to make sausages, leaving 5 to 6 inches to tie a knot. Stuff the cold meat mixture into the casing and tie the ends in a knot. Make sausages about 18 to 24 inches long. Dry the sausages uncovered in the refrigerator for three to four hours, or up to a day. Preheat grill or smoker to 425 degrees. Smoke sausage for about 50 to 60 minutes.

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