Don’t settle for the boring bottled dressings from the grocery store! Discover how quick and easy you can make them at home, like this delicious Sichuan pepper vinaigrette. It is filled with Asian-inspired spices and a sweet hint of orange juice. The toasted Sichuan peppercorns provide a flavorful kick of heat. Smart Recipes, Asian Recipes, Vegetables Recipes, Recipes Vegetables Asian Sichuan Peppercorn Vinaigrette Sichuan Peppercorn Vinaigrette Recipe | PT10M Serves 4 Ingredients: 1.5 Tablespoons Fresh Ginger 1 Tablespoon Tamari 1 Tablespoon Rice Vinegar 2 Tablespoons Extra-Virgin Olive Oil 2 Tablespoons Orange Juice 1 Tablespoon Asian Chili Oil 1 Teaspoon Sichuan Peppercorns In a small bowl, add all ingredients except the peppercorns and whisk well. In a small skillet over medium-high heat, sprinkle peppercorns and saute until toasted, about 1 minute. Transfer peppercorns to a spice grinder and grind into a fine powder. Add pepper to the spice mixture and whisk until combined.

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