In this hearty Caesar-style chicken, instead of drowning the ingredients into a heavy dressing, a lighter version with a hint of fresh parmesan, olive oil, parsley, panko, and garlic lets the baked chicken shine through. If you’re adding anchovies (optional) don’t worry about them as they mellow with baked chicken – topped over baked lettuce with nicely browned edges. Smart Recipes, American Recipes, Chicken Recipes, Recipes Chicken American Chicken A La Caesar Chicken A La Caesar Recipe | PT30M Serves 4 Ingredients: 4 n/a Chicken Breasts 0.5 n/a Panko Breadcrumbs 2 n/a Romaine Lettuce Hearts 3 n/a Anchovy Fillets 8 n/a Lemon Wedges 1 coarse Salt & Black Pepper 0.5 cup Parmesan Cheese 3 tablespoons Extra-Virgin Olive Oil 2 tablespoons Parsley 2 cloves Garlic Preheat the oven to 450 degrees. Line a heavy, large rimmed baking sheet with a piece of foil. Season chicken breasts with salt and black pepper evenly and arrange onto prepared baking sheet. In a medium bowl, add parmesan, panko, 1 of the minced garlic cloves, parsley, 2 tablespoons of olive oil, salt, and pepper and mix well. Gently rub the mixture over chicken evenly. Roast for about 10 minutes. Meanwhile in a bowl, mix together 1 tablespoon of olive oil, remaining garlic, salt, and pepper. Place the oil mixture over romaine and arrange around chicken. Roast for about 5 minutes. Divide chicken breast and romaine onto serving plates and serve with the garnishing of anchovies and lemon wedges.

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