The sauce is a healthy mix of Jalapeno peppers, tomatillo, fresh cilantro and pepper. It doesn’t require hour-long cooking time but few minutes of blending of the basic ingredients will suffice. Prepare a smooth puree and stir it into the poached and shredded chicken to prepare a delicious tamale filling. Smart Recipes, Mexican Recipes, Vegetables Recipes, Recipes Vegetables Mexican Tomatillo Cilantro Tamale Sauce Tomatillo Cilantro Tamale Sauce Recipe | PT25M Serves 12 Ingredients: 8 Tomatillos 2 Jalapeños 1 Cup Lightly Packed Fresh Cilantro Leaves 3 Cloves Garlic 2 Tablespoons Water 1 Tablespoon Olive Oil 1 Red Onion 0.25 Teaspoon Salt & Freshly Ground Black Pepper Blend tomatillos, cilantro, jalapenos, water and garlic to make a smooth puree in a food processor. Add oil and onion to a saucepan. Sauté for eight minutes and season with salt & pepper. Combine sauce with sauteed onions and simmer for 5 minutes.

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