Who would have thought that strawberries could make such an irresistible barbeque sauce? The sweetness of the berries complements the savory spices and tart cider vinegar. Not only does this beautiful mixture make an astounding sauce for smoking and grilling, but it is also delightful as a dip or elevated salad dressing! Smart Recipes, American Recipes, Vegetables Recipes, Recipes Vegetables American Berry BBQ Sauce Berry BBQ Sauce Recipe | RecipeSavants.com PT10M Serves 12 Ingredients: 4 Cups Fresh Strawberries 0.5 Teaspoon Cayenne Pepper 0.5 Cup Chilli Sauce 2 Tablespoons Apple Cider Vinegar 2 Tablespoons Worcestershire Sauce 1 Medium Lemon 2 Cloves Garlic 1 Tablespoon Light Brown Sugar 0.5 Teaspoon Kosher Salt Combine all ingredients in the bowl of a food processor and pulse until smooth. Transfer to a mason jar and refrigerate until needed.



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