This luscious Thai-style coconut cake actually melts-in-your-mouth with its velvety fluffy base and super light and airy whipped cream topping. You can make the cake right from the scratch but this recipe takes advantage of instant cake mix as a short cut to the original method. Smart Recipes, Asian Recipes, Other Recipes, Recipes Other Asian Coconut Cake Coconut Cake Recipe | PT50M Serves 6 Ingredients: 2 Ounce Coconut Powder 3 Cans Coconut Milk 0 Powdered Sugar 0 Coconut Flakes 1 Box Instant White Cake Mix Refrigerate 2 coconut milk cans before using. Bake cake according to box’s directions. About 7 minutes before your baking finishes, remove cake pan from oven. With a fork, poke cake all over on top. In a bowl, add 1 coconut milk can and coconut powder and mix well. Spread coconut mixture over cake evenly and keep aside until it soaks into cake. Place cake into the oven and complete the baking. Remove from oven and keep onto a wire rack to cool completely. For Frosting: Discard water from refrigerated coconut milk cans. Transfer cream from cans into a bowl. With a mixer, beat cream untill thick. Slowly, add a little powdered sugar and beat till well combined. Spread frosting over cake evenly and sprinkle with coconut flakes. Cut into desired slices and serve.

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