This classic chocolate bark makes a beautiful and tasty treat to nosh on during the holidays. The sweet chocolate pieces are loaded with tart dried cranberries and crunchy pistachios. Make a double batch to give to family and friends as gifts. Smart Recipes, American Recipes, Vegetables,Nuts Recipes, Recipes Vegetables,Nuts American White Chocolate Holiday Bark White Chocolate Holiday Bark Recipe | PT35M Serves 12 Ingredients: 2 Cups Water 1 Pound White Chocolate 1.5 Teaspoons Vegetable Oil 0.5 Cup Dried Cranberries 1.25 Cups Toasted Pistachios Line a sheet pan with aluminum foil. Set aside with a medium metal bowl. In the bottom half of a double boiler over medium-low heat, add water and bring to a simmer. Place the chocolate in the top half of the boiler and set it over the simmering water. Use a spatula to stir and slowly melt the chocolate at a temperature between 82-86 degrees on a candy thermometer. If the temperature goes about 86 degrees, immediately transfer the chocolate to the reserved bowl and stir quickly with the spatula to reduce heat. Return the bowl to the double boiler and maintain temperature until chocolate is almost melted. Remove chocolate from heat and stir vigorously until it completely melts. Stick a thermometer in the chocolate to ensure it is still between 82-86 degrees. Stir in oil until completely blended. Quickly add the fruit and nuts to the chocolate and stir until incorporated. Spread chocolate mixture onto prepared sheet pan so it is about 1/2-inches thick. Allow mixture to sit at room temperature until it hardens. Break chocolate bark into pieces and store at room temperature in an airtight container for up to 2 months.

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