This classic Irish salad is full of fresh vegetables, briny pickled beets and features a malty mustard dressing. This salad makes a great first course, and is an excellent accompaniment to Irish Shepard’s Pie, or a Guinness Beef Stew and plenty of crusty rolls and butter. Smart Recipes, European Recipes, Turkey,Eggs,Dairy,Vegetables Recipes, Recipes Turkey,Eggs,Dairy,Vegetables European Irish Pub Salad Irish Pub Salad Recipe | PT10M Serves 4 Ingredients: 0.5 Cup Mayonnaise 2 Tablespoons Malt Vinegar 2 Teaspoons Fresh Tarragon 1 Teaspoon Whole Grain Dijon Mustard 3 Teaspoons Water 4 Cups Boston Lettuce 0.5 Cup Pickled Beets 0.5 Cup Cucumber 0.5 Cup Tomatoes 0.5 Cup Celery 1 Cup Cabbage 0.5 Cup Red Onion 2 Large Hard-Boiled Eggs 4 Ounces Cheddar Cheese Combine mayonnaise, tarragon, dijon mustard, and vinegar in a bowl. Add a teaspoon of water and season with salt and pepper. Arrange the lettuce on salad plates, topped with vegetables, egg slices and healthy drizzle of the salad dressing. Sprinkle with a garnishing of the shredded cheese.

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