Don't stress out trying to host Thanksgiving.

Follow our simple prep and cooking guide, and learn how to cook the entire Thanksgiving meal and still have your sanity at the end of the Holiday. This is the plan that I will be using this year, and I am hosting for 8 big eaters this year.

I have included all the recipes I am plan to use and have provided some helpful tips as well. Make sure to download your easy- to -print and use cooking schedule. I developed this calendar to make your holiday as painless as possible.

And don't forget that you can easily download my guide here - where everyday cooking and prepping tasks are broken down for you.

Are you looking for a spin on a Traditional Thanksiving Supper?

Give my Complete Menu Plan, for a Modern Yet Classic Thanksgiving feast. I have done all the hard work and have found the best recipes in my collection, and have even compiled a complete shopping list. This is a menu I have made many times before (not just for Thanksgiving). It is a complete winner, give it a good look over.

As always as you reviewing or cooking your Thanksgiving recipes feel free to reach out, let me know how I can be a help!


Great Recipes From My Friends

My friends and follow food bloggers (and lovers) have agreed to share some of their best recipes with you - do me a favor and check them out.


Soups & Salads



About The Chef Bear

Robert Felkins

My food philosophy is simple; food should be a feast of all five senses. Meals should be based on simple, tasty and smart recipes that are easy to follow. Instead of serving processed junk, I prefer to use fresh & seasonal ingredients. I gravitate towards all cuisines that are BIG on flavor. By cooking at home, we can all eat healthier and save money.

Looking For Stuffing Ideas?

I am always looking for new & creative recipes for stuffing (it is my favorite side dish). I challenged myself to come up with at least 6 new and creative takes on modern and classic stuffing recipes. I know you are going to love with what I have come up with.

View Our Stuffing Collection

Searching For A Thanksgiving Pie Recipe?

Everyone loves pie, and homemade is the best. There is no need to stress out when thinking about making a homemade pie, I provide you all the tips, tricks, hints & recipes you will ever need. I learned a lot when writing and testing these recipes, I will be using myself this year. This blog post is definitely Chef Bear approved.

View Our Perfect Pie Post

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