Photo of Chef Robert Felkins My name is Robert and I’m thrilled that you’ve visited RecipeSavants. The kitchen & my food is an extension of my inner-most being. I have been cooking and serving meals to loved ones since age 13.

Professionaly, I have been a software developer for over 25 years, and from the marriage of my love of technology and food - the idea of RecipeSavants was born! I wanted to create a set of recipes and menus that were easy to understand & follow while being big on flavor and still be cost effective.

Let’s travel this journey of food and culture together, from my kitchen to yours. Discover how easy it is to feed your loved ones fresh & healthy meals that are both delicous and budget friendly!

My Personal Food Perspective

My food philosophy is elementary: food should be a feast of all five senses. Preparing meals should be based on simple, tasty, and real recipes that are easy to follow—not intimidating. Instead of serving overly-processed products from the grocery shelves, I prefer to cook meals at home that are delicious and nutritious. I have no tolerance for bland food. My penchant is budget-friendly, flavor-packed menus that are focused on taste and international flare. I believe that flavor is the soul of food, and I gravitate toward all cuisines that are BIG on flavors. We can all eat healthier and save money by skipping processed ingredients. Homemade is always best!

This is a labor of LOVE

I take responsibility for all recipe development, testing, website development, and technical support. When I experiment with traditional fare as well as festival dishes, I create a delicious way to learn about new cultures and traditions. I am on a journey to discover more about global cuisines and customs. When you email or contact RecipeSavants, you will be communicating with me personally.

What's Cooking at RecipeSavants!Search For More Recipes

I am always cooking up something new at RecipeSavants. Almost everyday I am in the kitchen, testing new recipes and techniques. Are are a few of my favorite new recipes. I know you will love them.

What RecipeSavants Offers

A RecipeSavants Orginal & Tested Recipe for Lentil & Mushroom Salad This website is much more than just another collection of recipes. Custom menu planning, and shopping list management features are currently in development (join now for early access to these features as they are released). I also provide monthly tips, tricks, featured menus, and blogs. My number one goal is to make you successful in the kitchen.

The site has a modern design that is user-friendly and provides multiple ways to search for recipes - by Primary Protein, Flavor Profile and Course, so you can focus on your mission to feed your family within your budget. I am constantly improving our search features to make it even easier for you to find that perfect recipe for dinner!

Tested & Validated Recipes

RecipeSavants strives to provide recipes that are easy to follow, and understand—regardless of skill level. All the recipes (over 2,300 recipes of early June 2018) are written in easy to understand with minimal chef jargon, and been tested and are continually being reviewed to insure they still continue to meet my standard of excellence. All of the recipes are open to suggestions from the community, if you have a suggestion, a recommendation or a tip to share I welcome your feedback.

Featured Holiday & Theme Menus

RecipeSavants publishes at least 4 featured menus per month. That are globally inspired and feature a wide of range of flavors, textures and tastes that are both exotic approachable, while being budget friendly. No need for your passport - take your taste buds on a journey via one of my Featured Menus. Looking for a festive holiday inspired dish, or menu to share with your loved ones? Look no further RecipeSavants has your next holiday menu.

Custom Menu Generation & Shopping List Services

RecipeSavants is also developing a suite of custom menu planning features. Using our new features, we take the guess work and complexity out of developing a weekly or daily menu for your family. Start with one of our Featured Menus, or choose the individual recipes that you wish to serve your family, and select the number of servings per meal and we will generate the exact shopping list, and provide you a set of recipes that are easy to follow online or in print. Literally take the guesswork out, no more having to stop at the grocery store on the way home from work for an extra ingredient. Skip the junk food or frozen meals and eat clean by planning your nutritious family dinners in advance.

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An Original & Tested RecipeSavants Orginal Recipe for Cheese Souffle
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All of our recipes are powered by Chicory - Do your grocery shopping in less than 5 minutes.

Online Grocery Shopping Service

RecipeSavants has just integrated with Chicory to provide online shopping for a single recipe. No more need to go to the store to pick up those last few ingredients, for that special meal. Find that perfect recipe, and grocery shop in under 5 minutes. It couldn't get any easier than that!

Order your recipe ingredients directly from a recipe?

How great would it be to order the ingredients directly from a recipe, and completely skip the need to go the grocery store? All of the recipes have been powered with the plug in, that enables you to place online orders with:, Amazon, Amazon Fresh and Instacart directly from the recipe. If you do not have an account, with either AmazonFresh or Peapod please click HERE, you can easily sign up with either service and continue to support RecipeSavants.

Ordering your groceries online is a very simple process. All you need to do is visit any of our delicious recipes, click the "Get Ingredients" button, enter your zip code and choose from the set of online grocers supported in your area. Note, not all groceries support all zip codes, but all the online grocers are constantly expanding their coverage areas.

Here are a few tips I discovered while testing and developing the integration with Chicory

  • Make sure you logged into your online grocer before you try to send an order over. It isn’t strictly required, but I have found it makes the process a bit smoother, especially with
  • Make sure to skim the ingredient list, and make sure the matches that the grocer selected are actually appropriate for the recipe. I have done my best to ensure that each recipe is the best it can be, but I cannot control the matching of ingredients in the grocers’ system.
  • I recommend, that you have two windows open, one with the recipe, and another with the online grocer to easily review the matched ingredients, and quickly make any modifications necessary. All the online grocers provide a simple process to add new items to your cart.

I use Amazon Fresh and Peapod for ordering ingredients when building and testing recipes, so I feel very confident in recommending these online grocers to you. When you use these services to order groceries through RecipeSavants, I receive a small advertising fee. It helps to cover expenses, so I can continue to offer valuable content, recipes, and menus to my readers.

Discover how much time and money you can save with this new feature!