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easy cookie recipes

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My name is Robert and I’m thrilled that you’ve visited RecipeSavants, where I will teach your to Cook Smart by using my Smart Recipes that are fresh and easy!!

A good recipe is the foundation of every culinary masterpiece. However, a recipe alone will not get you the delicious end result you are craving. What you need is someone to walk you through the entire cooking process, from start to finish.

My name is Robert, the founder and head chef of Recipe Savants, and I’m here to do just that. Think of me as your culinary coach. Together, we will depart on a journey to find and unleash your inner chef and empower you to create the amazing home-cooked meals you’ve been dreaming about. I make cooking so easy it will feel like I’m actually there, beside you in the kitchen, guiding you every step of the way.

You are probably wondering, how is this possible?

It’s all about smart recipes and smart cooking. I break down complex recipes into simple, easy to follow, step-by-step instructions. I provide you with all the tools you need to create world class dishes. Believe me when I say, anyone can do it.

My end goal is simple — to help you create fast, easy, and budget-friendly meals with fresh and healthy ingredients that will delight the senses. I will provide your family an endless variety of meal ideas and introduce them to globally inspired cuisine that is big on flavor.

Are you ready to create magic in the kitchen? Let’s get to it, join our growing community today!

easy cookie recipes

Looking for the easy, fresh, and budget friendly meal ideas?

Become a member of RecipeSavants today and never miss any of my new menus or recipes. Register as member, for FREE and you can easily keep track of your favorite recipes, and get early access to our menu & shopping list features.

As a special FREE bounus, I will share with you my handy guide on how to save over $57 per week on your grocery budget.


French Lentil & Mushroom Salad Recipe

RecipeSavants is much more than just another collection of recipes.

Behind it all is me, Robert, a real human being. When a new member subscribes to our website, I make it my mission to ensure you are successful in the kitchen. This is a labor of love, as I’m passionate about not only cooking but also helping others. I take responsibility for all recipe development, website development and customer support. When you reach out, you will be communicating with me personally.

Unlike some competitors who focus solely on food delivery, I focus all of my attention on creating the best recipes on the market and helping you become the best chef you can be. I believe in using only the freshest ingredients, and who better than you to handpick the produce you will be consuming with your loved ones. We leave you in control so you know exactly what is going into the meals you create, and where the food came from.

Recipe Savants is continually growing and improving. Recipes are constantly being added and reviewed to make sure they meet my strict standard of excellence. Unlike my competitors, all user submitted recipes are tested, vetted and validated. I promise that the recipes you find on RecipeSavants are easy to follow, understand and most importantly smart. Here at RecipeSavants, we welcome your input, feedback and contributions – You the member make RecipeSavants truly exceptional.

I’m always exploring new ways to help you create quick, tasty meals in a flash. Below you will find information about our latest endeavors.

Custom Menus and Shopping Lists

I am currently producing a suite of custom menu planning features. These innovative features will eliminate the guesswork and planning associated with developing a daily or weekly menu to feed your family. Start by trying one of my featured menus or choose the individual recipes that have you salivating. The website will then generate an easy to follow set of recipes with a complete shopping list, that can be easily viewed online or printed.

Complete End to End Meal Plans - SavantsPacks

Another exciting project currently in the works is our complete meal plan service. Four times a month, subscribers will receive a weeks’ worth of fresh, healthy and creative meal ideas along with a complete shopping list. Take the uncertainty out of menu planning and feed your family fresh dinners with ease.

Being a member of RecipeSavants is like having a personal chef and shopper at your side. Sign up today and get started on your culinary journey!

Upscale Buttery Breakfast Casserole Recipe

Featured Recipe Collections

Here are a few of my favorite new smart & easy recipes. These recipes are guaranteed to become family favorites.

About Chef Robert

The kitchen and food are an extension of my inner-most being. I have been cooking and serving meals to loved ones since the age of 13. Professionally, I have been a software developer for over 25 years. From the marriage of my love of technology and food, the idea for Recipe Savants was born.

My food philosophy is elementary: food should be a feast of all five senses. Preparing meals should be based on simple, tasty, and real recipes that are easy to follow—not intimidating. Instead of serving overly processed products from the grocery store shelves, I prefer to cook meals at home that are delicious and nutritious. I have no tolerance for bland food. I believe that flavor is the soul of food, and I gravitate toward all cuisines that are BIG on flavors. We can all eat healthier and save money by skipping processed ingredients. Homemade is always best!

What's Cooking at RecipeSavants!

I am always cooking up something new at RecipeSavants. Almost everyday I am in the kitchen, testing new recipes and techniques. Here are a few of my favorite new recipes. I know you will love them.

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